ClimbVis: Investigating In-situ Visualizations for Understanding Climbing Movements by Demonstration

Felix Kosmalla; Florian Daiber; Frederik Wiehr; Antonio Krüger

In: Proceedings of the 2017 ACM International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces. ACM International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ISS-17), Brighton, United Kingdom, Pages 270-279, ISS '17, ISBN 978-1-4503-4691-7, ACM, 2017.


Rock climbing involves complex movements and therefore requires guidance when acquiring a new technique. The classic approach is mimicking the movements of a more experienced climber. However, the trainee has to remember every nuance of the climb, since the sequence of movements cannot be performed in parallel to the experienced climber. As a solution to this problem, we present a video recording and replay system for climbing. The replay component allows for different in-situ video feedback methods. We investigated the video feedback component of the system by studying two example visualization techniques, i.e.\ a life-sized in-place projection and a real-time third-person view of the climber, augmented by a video showing a successful ascent. The latter is presented to the user on both Google Glass and a projected display. The results indicate that a life-sized projection was perceived as easiest to follow, while most of the climbers had problems with the context switches between the augmented video and the climbing wall. These findings can aid in the design of assistance systems that teach complex movements.

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