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Zeige Ergebnisse 61 bis 70 von 327
  1. Henning Barthel; Peter Dannenmann; Torsten Bierz; K. Hergenröther; G. Scheuermann

    Haptic Interaction with Computer-Animated Cognitive Characters in Virtual Environments

    In: IASTED International Conference on Visualization, Imaging and Image Processing (VIIP 2005), Special Session Intelligent Visual Assistance , Spain, …

  2. Geert-Jan Kruijff

    Peirce's late theory of abduction: A comprehensive account

    In: SEMIOTICA, Vol. 153, No. 1/4, Pages 431-454, Mouton/De Gruyter, 2005.

  3. Gerd Reis (Hrsg.)

    Hardware Accelerated Bezier-Patch Renderer

    IASTED International Conference on Visualization Imaging and Image Processing (VIIP), 2005.

  4. Margeritta Wilamowitz--Moellendorff; Christian Müller; Anthony Jameson; Boris Brandherm; Tim Schwartz

    Recognition of Time Pressure via Physiological Sensors: Is the User's Motion a Help or a Hindrance?

    In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Adapting the Interaction Style to Affective Factors in conjunction with the User Modeling (UM05). Workshop on …

  5. Gregor Erbach; Mitja Jermol; Brigitte Jörg; Hans Uszkoreit; Marko Grobelnik

    Network Approaches to Current Research Information Systems.

    In: Paul Cunningham; Miriam Cunningham (Hrsg.). Innovation and the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications, Case Studies, Volume 2. ISBN ISBN: …

  6. Berthold Crysmann

    Hausa Final Vowel Shortening --- Phrasal Allomorphy or Inflectional Category?

    In: Geert Booij; Emiliano Guevara; Angela Ralli; Salvatore Sgroi; Sergio Scalise (Hrsg.). Morphology and Linguistic Typology: On-line Proceedings of …

  7. Paul Buitelaar; Michael Sintek; Malte Kiesel

    Feature Representation for Cross-Lingual, Cross-Media Semantic Web Applications

    In: Thierry Declerck; Siegfried Handschuh (Hrsg.). Workshop on Knowledge Markup and Semantic Annotation (SemAnnot2005). Workshop on Knowledge Markup …

  8. Thorsten Trippel; Thierry Declerck; Ulrich Heid

    Sprachressourcen in der Standardisierung

    In: GLDV Journal for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology, Vol. 20, No. 2, Pages 17-30, 2005.

  9. Franseco Fornasari; Alessandro Tommasi; Cesare Zavattari; Roberto Gagliardi; Thierry Declerck; Michele Nannipieri

    XBRL Web-based Business Intelligence Services

    In: Paul Cunningham; Miriam Cunningham (Hrsg.). Innovation and the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications, Case Studies. Proceedings of eChallenge …

  10. Gert Kienast; Harald Stiegler; Werner Bailer; Herwig Rehatschek; Stephan Busemann; Thierry Declerck

    Sponsorship Tracking using distributed Multi-Modal Analysis (Direct-Info)

    In: Proceedings of the 2nd European Workshop on the Integration of Knowledge,Semantic and Digital Media (EWIMT 2005). European Workshop on the …