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Zeige Ergebnisse 61 bis 70 von 533
  1. Gabriele Bleser-Taetz

    Towards Visual-Inertial SLAM for Mobile Augmented Reality

    PhD-Thesis, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, 2009.

  2. Stefan Thiemert; Stefan Nürnberger; Martin Steinebach; Sascha Zmudzinski

    Security of Robust Audio Hashes

    In: Proceedings of the 2009 First IEEE International Workshop on Information Forensics and Security. IEEE International Workshop on Information …

  3. Tobias Franke; Paul Lukowicz; Kai Kunze; David Bannach

    Can a mobile phone in a pocket reliably recognize ambient sounds?

    In: International Symposium on Wearable Computers, 2009. ISWC'09. . IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC-2009), September 4-7, …

  4. Mathias Scheffe

    A multitouch framework for intuitive user interfaces

    Mastersthesis, AG HCI & Visualisierung, TU Kaiserslautern, 12/2009.

  5. Lübomira Spassova; Fei Guo

    Concepts of Interaction with Projected Displays Using Gestures

    In: Roots for the Future of Ambient Intelligence. European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI-09), 3rd European Conference on Ambient …

  6. Tina Klüwer

    RMRSBot - Using Linguistic Information to Enrich a Chatbot

    In: Intelligent Virtual Agents. 9th International Conference, Proceedings. International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA-09), September …

  7. Sathish Chandra Pammi; Marc Schröder

    Inferring meaning of listener vocalizations through a perception study

    SSPNet Workshop on Foundations of Social Signals, 2009.

  8. Sathish Chandra Pammi; Marc Schröder

    A corpus based analysis of back­channel vocalizations

    Interdisciplinary Workshop on Laughter and other Interactional Vocalisations in Speech, 2009.

  9. Sathish Chandra Pammi

    Synthesis of nonverbal listener vocalizations

    In: In Proceedings Doctorial consortium at ACII 2009. IEEE International Conference on Affective Computation and Intelligent Interaction (ACII-09), …

  10. Sathish Chandra Pammi; Marc Schröder

    Annotating meaning of listener vocalizations for speech synthesis

    In: Prococeedings of ACII 2009. IEEE International Conference on Affective Computation and Intelligent Interaction (ACII-09), September 10-12, …