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  1. Sebastian Schreiber; Sheraz Ahmed; Stefan Agne; Ivo Wolf; Andreas Dengel

    DeepDeSRT: Deep Learning for Detection and Structure Recognition of Tables in Document Images

    In: ICDAR. International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR-2047), IEEE, 2017.

  2. Antonella Radicchi; Dietrich Henckel; Martin Memmel

    Citizens as smart, active sensors for a quiet and just city. The case of the "open source soundscapes" approach to identify, assess and plan "everyday quiet areas" in cities.

    In: Francesco Asdrubali (Hrsg.). Noise Mapping, Vol. 4, No. 1, Pages 104-123, De Gruyter, 2017.

  3. Markus Reiter

    Referenzmodell eines ökologisch adaptierten IT-Service-Managements. Anforderungsanalyse, Konzeption und Evaluation

    Wirtschaftsinformatik - Theorie und Anwendung, Vol. 30, ISBN 978-3-8325-4491-1, Logos Verlag Berlin, Berlin, 2017.

  4. Volkan Gezer; Jumyung Um; Martin Ruskowski

    An Extensible Real-Time Capable Server Architecture for Edge Computing

    In: Sixth International Conference on Advances in Computing, Electronics and Communication. Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors (ACEC-17), …

  5. Pascal Reuß; Michael Dick; Wilhelm Termath; Klaus-Dieter Althoff

    Case-based reasoning: potential benefits and limitations for documenting of stories in organizations

    In: Zeitschrift für Arbeitswissenschaft (ZfA), Vol. 71, No. 4, Pages 252-258, Springer, 2017.

  6. Alvaro Camarillo; José Ríos; Klaus-Dieter Althoff

    Agent Based Framework to Support Manufacturing Problem Solving Integrating Product Lifecycle Management and Case-Based Reasoning

    In: José Ríos; Alain Bernard; Abdelaziz Bouras; Sebti Foufou (Hrsg.). Product Lifecycle Management and the Industry of the Future. IFIP Advances in …

  7. Alvaro Camarillo; José Ríos; Klaus-Dieter Althoff

    CBR and PLM applied to diagnosis and technical support during problem solving in the continuous improvement process of manufacturing plants

    In: Procedia Manufacturing 13. Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference (MESIC-2017), June 28-30, Vigo (Pontrevedra), Spain, Pages …

  8. Riaz Ahmad; M. Zeshan Afzal; S. Faisal Rashid; Marcus Liwicki; Andreas Dengel

    Text-Line Segmentation of Large Titles and Headings in Arabic Like Script

    In: 2017 1st International Workshop on Arabic Script Analysis and Recognition - Workshop Booklet. IEEE International Workshop on Arabic Script …

  9. Sebastian Breß; Bastian Köcher; Henning Funke; Steffen Zeuch; Tilmann Rabl; Volker Markl

    Generating Custom Code for Efficient Query Execution on Heterogeneous Processors

    DFKI, Technical Report, Vol. abs/1709.00700, arXiv, 2017.

  10. Praveenkumar Jayanna

    Estimating Model Analysis for Multivariate Regression Problem for The Mars Express Power Challenge Open Data

    Mastersthesis, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, 8/2017.