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Under-Ice Field tests with an AUV in Abisko/Torneträsk

Marc Hildebrandt; Tom Creutz; Bilal Wehbe; Marius Wirtz; Michael Zipper
In: OCEANS 2022 - Hampton Roads. OCEANS MTS/IEEE Conference (OCEANS-2022), October 17-20, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, IEEE, 2022.


In this work we describe the field-tests with an AUV in an ice-covered lake in Abisko, Sweden in March 2022. The aim of the test campaign was to determine the vehicle’s ability to operate under such conditions (temperature, limited accessibility) and perform a number of missions including autonomous docking to a docking-station. In order to aid other researchers in planning similar field-trials, we expand on the choice of venue and test-site set-up before presenting the results of multiple autonomous missions. Within this paper we provide the data of three missions including sensor readings of IMU, DVL, CTD and USBL as well as additional data and configuration parameters.