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Zeige Ergebnisse 61 bis 70 von 377
  1. Lutz Schröder; Dirk Pattinson

    PSPACE Bounds for Rank 1 Modal Logics

    In: Rajeev Alur (Hrsg.). Twenty-First Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS 2006). IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science …

  2. Lutz Schröder

    A Finite Model Construction for Coalgebraic Modal Logic

    In: Luca Aceto; Anna Ingólfsdóttir (Hrsg.). Foundations Of Software Science And Computation Structures. International Conference on Foundations of …

  3. Lutz Schröder

    The HasCASL Prologue - Categorical Syntax and Semantics of the Partial $lambda$-calculus

    In: Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 353, Pages 1-25, 2006.

  4. Till Mossakowski; Serge Autexier; Dieter Hutter

    Development Graphs -- Proof Management for Structured Specifications

    In: Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming (JLAP), Vol. 67, No. 1-2, Pages 114-145, 2006.

  5. Till Mossakowski; Lutz Schröder; Markus Roggenbach; Horst Reichel

    Algebraic-co-algebraic specification in CoCASL

    In: Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming (JLAP), Vol. 67, No. 1-2, Pages 146-197, 2006.

  6. Till Mossakowski; Lutz Schröder; Stefan Wölfl

    A Categorical Perspective on Qualitative Constraint Calculi

    In: Stefan Wölfl; Till Mossakowski (Hrsg.). Qualitative Constraint Calculi - Application and Integration. Workshop at KI 2006. Qualitative Constraint …

  7. Till Mossakowski

    Hets User Guide

    Department of Computer Science; Universität Bremen, o.A. 2006.

  8. Till Mossakowski

    Monad-Based Logics for Computational Effects

    In: M. Johnson; V. Vene (Hrsg.). AMAST 2006. International Conference on Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology (AMAST-06), 11th, July 5-8, …

  9. Till Mossakowski

    Institutional 2-cells and Grothendieck institutions

    In: K. Futatsugi; J.-P. Jouannaud; J. Meseguer (Hrsg.). Algebra, Meaning and Computation. Essays Dedicated to Joseph A. Goguen on the Occasion of His …

  10. Maksym Bortin; Einar Broch Johnsen; Christoph Lüth

    Structured Formal Development in Isabelle

    In: Nordic Journal of Computing, Vol. 13, Pages 1-20, 2006.