This is me: Using Ambient Voice Patterns for In-Car Positioning

Michael Feld, Tim Schwartz, Christian Müller

In: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Ambient Intelligence. European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI-10) International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence Aml 10 November 10-12 Malaga Spain 11/2010.


With the range of services that can be accessed inside a car constantly increasing, so are the opportunities for personalizing the ex- perience for both driver and other passengers. A main challenge however is to find out who is sitting where without asking explicitly. The solution presented in this paper combines two sources of information in a novel way: Ambient speech and mobile personal devices. The approach offers improved privacy by putting the user in control, and it does not require specialized positioning technologies such as RFID. In a data-driven eval- uation, we confirm that the accuracy is sufficient to support a ten-speaker scenario in practice.


InCarPositioning.pdf (pdf, 2 MB )

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