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  1. Aidmar Wainakh; Fabrizio Ventola; Till Müßig; Jens Keim; Carlos Garcia Cordero; Ephraim Zimmer; Tim Grube; Kristian Kersting; Max Mühlhäuser

    User-Level Label Leakage from Gradients in Federated Learning

    In: Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PoPETs), Vol. 2022, No. 2, Pages 227-244, De Gruyter, 2022.

  2. Patrick Schramowski; Cigdem Turan; Nico Andersen; Constantin A. Rothkopf; Kristian Kersting

    Large pre-trained language models contain human-like biases of what is right and wrong to do

    In: Nature Machine Intelligence, Vol. 4, No. 3, Pages 258-268, Springer, 2022.

  3. Parisa Kordjamshidi; Dan Roth; Kristian Kersting

    Declarative Learning-Based Programming as an Interface to AI Systems

    In: Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 5, Pages 0-10, Frontiers, 2022.

  4. Sonar-to-RGB Image Translation for Diver Monitoring in Poor Visibility Environments

    In: OCEANS 2022, Hampton Roads. OCEANS MTS/IEEE Conference (OCEANS-2022), October 17-20, Pages 1-9, OCEANS IEEE, 10/2022.

  5. Serious Games with SIAs

    In: Birgit Lugrin; Catherine Pelachaud; David Traum. The Handbook on Socially Interactive Agents: 20 years of Research on Embodied Conversational …

  6. Silvan Mertes; Alexander Heimerl; Tanja Schneeberger; Tobias Baur; Ailin Liu; Linda Becker; Nicolas Rohleder; Patrick Gebhard; Elisabeth André

    Generating personalized behavioral feedback for a virtual job interview training system through adversarial learning

    In: Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education. International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in …

  7. Thorsten Schoormann; Friedemann Kammler; Paul Christoph Gembarski; Simon Hagen

    2. Workshop: Nachhaltige Wertschöpfungssysteme (NaWerSys)

    In: Daniel Demmler; Daniel Krupka; Hannes Federrath (Hrsg.). Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI) - Proceedings, Volume P-326. Jahrestagung der …

  8. Kristina Boss; Roland Roller; Alexander Woywodt; Andreas Kribben; Klemens Budde; Stefan Becker

    Künstliche Intelligenz in der Nephrologie

    In: Die Nephrologie, Vol. 17, No. 6, Pages 399-404, Springer, 2022.

  9. David Samhammer; Roland Roller; Patrik Hummel; Bilgin Osmanodja; Aljoscha Burchardt; Manuel Mayrdorfer; Wiebke Duettmann; Peter Dabrock

    "Nothing works without the doctor:" Physicians' perception of clinical decision-making and artificial intelligence

    In: Frontiers in Medicine, Vol. 9, Pages 1-10, Frontiers, 2022.